Covid -19: making sense with Silman

An epidemiologist’s perspective 

There is no shortage of stuff in the media and it is hard to make sense of it all. Hope this helps!

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Why children need to be vaccinated and why this might not happen (quickly enough)

Most readers of this blog have focused on vaccines for themselves and their elderly relatives: widespread vaccination for children seems a long way off.  New data are very clear: children contract and transmit the infection, if anything, more easily than adults. In this post I summarise the recent data from both sides of the Atlantic on […]

Could one dose of vaccine be sufficient? Some interesting new data

Media yesterday reported on research published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine. That study looked at the immune response to one versus two doses of vaccine and suggested that we might only need one dose to get immunity to the virus.  In this post I critically review these data and examine how they […]

No better message to encourage vaccination

My blog normally focuses on interpreting the science to get the key messages across. Sometimes there are other ways and a friend send me this link – we all need to be uplifted from this really challenging week with the depth and severity of this new wave and the anxieties that anti-vaxxers could scupper the […]

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