Covid -19: making sense with Silman

An epidemiologist’s perspective 

There is no shortage of stuff in the media and it is hard to make sense of it all. Hope this helps!

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Pfizer vs AstraZeneca vaccine: first comparative data

The number one question that people in the UK when chatting to each other in the past few weeks is “Which vaccine did you have?”! Yesterday (22nd February) the Scottish Government published preliminary data from their first 1.1 million people who had been enrolled in the national vaccine roll out programme.  This programme, like the rest of […]

New Israeli data show good protection after one dose of Pfizer vaccine

New data published yesterday in the Lancet appeared to show that there is very good protection from becoming infected with Covid-19 two weeks after one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  In this post I describe the results, what are their limitations and what they mean.  I also relate the results to similar data from AstraZeneca.  What did […]

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