No better message to encourage vaccination

My blog normally focuses on interpreting the science to get the key messages across. Sometimes there are other ways and a friend send me this link – we all need to be uplifted from this really challenging week with the depth and severity of this new wave and the anxieties that anti-vaxxers could scupper the essential achievement of herd immunity. Leonard Cohen would be smiling in his grave!

Back to the science next week!

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7 replies on “No better message to encourage vaccination”

It brought tears to my eyes! I think one of the biggest challenges is reaching out to the non-English mother tongue communities who have been an easy target for fake news about vaccinations. I’ve been reading about how they’re trying to combat this and maybe some of these communities should release similar videos to get the message across!


Hi Alan
This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video with us all. Loved it!
With our love to you and Ruth and all the family
Shabbat shalom and happy weekend to you all.
Anne xxx

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Thanks very much Alan for all your posts. They must be keeping you very busy.
About the vaccine; I know somebody who has had a bad reaction to it (feels like a case of the flu). While this person is still very thankful to have had the vaccine I would like to ask if data are being collected on cases of significant adverse reaction to the different vaccines and can you say anything at this stage about how common such reactions are?


Thanks Mark. These short term reactions are very common (ie more people have some symptoms than not) and were well described in the clinical trials undertaken by all the vaccine manufacturers and the data on them are available (which I have read) in their scientific publications and reviewed by the regulators before they license the vaccines. It seems that in the overwhelming majority of the the cases, the symptoms settle down within a day or so, with paracetamol. I assume that recipients are warned by the vaccinator


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